A Little About Me

I find that the hardest thing to write about is myself. I'm never really quite sure what to say (this could be applied to introductions also). So I suppose I'll just state the basics. My name is Chelsea, I'm currently eighteen years young and this is my blog. This blog is basically a type of diary. A very public diary if you will. However, the whole public thing doesn't really bother me. I don't mind people knowing my thoughts. Currently it is serving as a travel diary as I am on exchange in the Czech Republic for a year. Even after my exchange I believe I will continue to use this. It has been a great way for friends and family in the states to see what I am doing and it has been a fun outlet. Not to mention I have gotten a lot of positive feedback. I enjoy travelling, I love art, and I could listen to music all day. I play piano, guitar, flute and I sing - although I do none very well. Writing is an enjoyable past time and pondering is constant. I am currently learning the Czech language and have found it to be a pleasant challenge. Studying language as a whole has become quite interesting to me and is something I plan to take with me to college. I can be frank or I can be elusive, my moods tend to change by the second and I can be a bit of a mess. Perhaps some of these aren't the best qualities but I've made it so far. Enjoy my blog folks :)