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Czech Republic

Links to blogs:
Welcome - July 18, 2012 
Pre-departure blog

Všechno je úžasné (everything is amazing) - September 02, 2012
First few days

Typical Day - September 15, 2012

I Should Be Studying... - September 16, 2012
A blog about the woes of learning a new language.

Vinobraní 2012 - September 21, 2012
Photos of a whimsical wine celebration.

Rotary Orientation Meeting - September 26, 2012
A blog about the first time a met my fellow Rotary Exchangers

How I Feel When I Understand a Czech Sentence - October 09, 2012
Telling of language barriers. Insightful for future Rotary Exchange Students

Just a Little Something - October 23, 2012
A video relating my first month in Czech Republic. I gave this to my host rotary as a sort of gift.

Djembes, Singing Bowls and a Didgeridoo - November 03, 2012
Music therapy in the Czech Republic?! One of many unexpected experiences...

I know that my hard work has paid off... - November 21, 2012
Being a little bragadocious

Sometimes there isn't an easier …