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On a bus trip to Dalian, China

Everyday I spend time with my roommate discussing life and its anomalies, often times, while I should be working on essays or researching. Call it what you will: procrastination, laziness, misplaced priorities, immaturity, or whatever. The point is, I put off an assignment or obligation knowing that it needs to be completed in a timely manner, stay awake later than intended, and always regret it as I fall asleep at my desk. The pertinent question is, “WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!” Normally, I would respond, “well, Chels, you’re an irresponsible bozo that doesn’t have her priorities straight.” Harsh, however, no matter how much time I do not have, sleep I lose, or tears I cry, I make time for that conversation. There is a reason I take time to listen and to be heard, and it’s because those conversations help me to make sense of life -  corporate profits and broken hearts, prisoners dilemma and stomach aches, Michael Jackson and hair products etc. Does this value actually make me a bozo…