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A taste of Czech Music :)

Music from Czech Composers:
Traditional Czech Music (POLKA!!):

Current Czech Music
Czech Classics/Oldies

^Karel Gott is Czechs Music hero^


Czech Rap

^This one is Slovak actually^

Czechs Singing English

Rock etc


Cool Stuff

"Everything Is Relative"

I felt myself tearing up as my host mom told me about what it was like to live in communist Czech Republic. Never before had it been so real. Never before had it stung or hit home so much as when someone I cared about told me a piece of her story, in her language from her life.

About two nights ago my host family and I sat around the dinner table chatting when I was asked, "so do you know about communist Czech Republic?" I wasn't really sure how to reply. I knew about the USSR, I knew it was bad, I knew communism is the thing we don't want, I knew about the Velvet Revolution ( in Czech Republic but I didn't really know they depth of any of it. When I considered that only twenty-three years ago Czechoslovakia was still a communist country it's a bit shocking. I mean it's amazing how much this country has changed over such a short period of time. Czech Republic is essentially westernized. Advertisements, brands…