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A Czech Christmas

So while every Czech family does it a bit differently I'm going to tell you about my Czech Christmas and why it was so wonderful! Ok so I will start with the 23rd of December which is the day before Christmas here because we celebrate on the 24th. It was basically like any other lazy day: wake up, eat breakfast, watch a film etc. The only major differences were decorating the tree and a trip to the hospital (don't be scared, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds).

So in my family we decorate the tree the day before Christmas. For some reason at the beginning of the decorating process I wasn't quite in the Christmas spirit. This is due to a silly thing called home sickness. I didn't want to decorate the tree because in my head I was thinking "it's not the same, we always do it in the evening as a family with Christmas music blah blah blah." so then I went to my room for a bit told myself it wasn't meant to be the same, went back and began to decorate …

Concert in Poland :DD