Typical Day

Today is a lazy sort of day so I thought I would make a blog. There are loads of things I could write about but I think I will go ahead and do this one simply because it seems to be the most popular topic lately. Everyone is asking me, "what do you do?!" and "why are you so busy?!" Well I wouldn't describe myself as extremely busy or engrossed but I would say that my new life has certainly started. This is not to say that I have forgotten the states, because I have by no means, forgotten my home. However, I am not living in two places at once. Znojmo is my home and it has to be or else this year will be very miserable for me.  So why don't I write more if I have free moments to write?  Well its because there are other things going on around me that I could avoid to write a blog or to send a few emails but I fear they could be detrimental to my exchange. So a typical day for Chelsea... Hmm. Well I go to school Monday through Friday. The name of my school is "gymnázium a střední odborná škola pedagogická Znojmo." I will save details about my school for a future blog. After school I go to the School Cantina - School cafeteria. This is a couple of blocks away and after school everyone goes to the cantina for some grub and then goes about their day. In the U.S. if school ended and I knew I could avoid the cafeteria I certainly would but here the thing to do is go to the Cantina. I think it's because hot meals are more important here. A sandwhich and some vegetables isn't considered a very good lunch, but a meal that took time for preperation and has a lot of substance is. Students don't have time to go home to make a meal so we use the Cantina. So far and it's pretty good. After the Cantina I could be doing various things. I could go home and study for a bit, I could go into town with a friend, I could go to some shops, sometimes in the evenings I go to Zumba, Tuesday evening I go to Rotary meetings, I could go to some charity events with rotary, Thursdays I have ballroom dancing now, I could be making music with my host sister, I could be reading, I could be drawing... and you get the point. I stay occupied and this is good for me. If I wasn't occupied I know I would constantly think about the U.S. and I wouldn't be happy at all. It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster. One minute I never ever want to leave and the next I want to see my family. It depends on what is happening right at that moment and it takes a lot of discipline and emotional control to snap myself back into the moment, into the here and now. This is my life now. I have one year of this life which will fly by and I already can see how much it's going to hurt to leave it so I must enjoy it while I can. Please everyone understand that if I don't reply to your emails it's not because I don't love hearing about your life etc. It's because I am trying to adjust fully. 

This is Katie, I met her at a camp for children who do not have  parents or parents that would take care of them.
She is an incredibly sweet girl. At first she did not believe I was from America but later she did. She said, "She knows more English words than I do, " and I replied "You know more Czech words than I do." 

This is my host sister "Domca" (Dom - cha)
This was the hot TV repair guy that my host sister and I were amused by.

More photos from the camp. The two girls, Katie and Michelle, gave us hugs before we left.

My host sister painting American quotes.

Something I made for my host sister - she dreams of going to London.

This is my town square.

My sister

A drawing of my little brother I did while I was here.

This is typical for us.

Some random art project. We had to use some digital program to make shapes into our emotions at the time.


  1. Ahoj, jak se máš? :-)
    Chelsea, don´t worry. I hope and I believe it will be better. Okay, czech is very difficult language and even many czech people do a lot of mistakes in their czech. But It´s still a good experience not only for you but for your new friends too. And you can try to contact some other students from abroad. I think, many such students study in Brno..
    Enjoy your staying in Czech Republic
    Užij si tvůj pobyt v Česku :-)
    I like your blog so don´t forget write new experiences
    Mám ráda tvůj blog, tak na pořádně piš :-)
    And I am sorry for my english ;-)


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