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Welcome :) můj výměna začíná nyní

Hello family, friends and other bloggers; I am Chelsea and I am a Rotary Exchange student! The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated on my exchange without having to email everyone all the time which would be impossible. I have had countless people ask me to email, write, send postcards etc and because I can't guarantee that I will do that, no matter how much I would love to, I thought you could simply come to this when you think about me to see how I'm doing. If it helps, my parents will likely be using this as a main source of how I am too.
For those of you who don't know or are curious to know more I will be traveling to the Czech Republic and living in a city called, Znojmo (za-noy-mo). It is a relatively small city but none-the-less it's a city! This is a lot more than I can say for Franklin. It is in the Southern Morovian region of Czech; it is apart of Bohemia and is less than an hour from Austria.
Check it out:

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